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Building a School


"The new fire-proof school was built during the years 1945 to 1946. A ceremony was held for the laying of the school's corner stone in 1945. Lawernce…

Brown House


Cora Brown; House; L.C. Brown;

The Peterson Siblings


Alvin Peterson; Carl Peterson; Lillian Peterson; Victor Peterson;

Woodland Ladies Aides


1912; 1966; Alice Miller; Belle Northway; Bert Anderson; Della Johnson; Des Moines Register; Emma Bringham; Eva Haws; Jennie Fox; Judy Reeves; Kate…

Our Gang


Pleasant Hill PTA taken in front of school on Oakwood Drive. Names on back of photo are Daisy Peterson, Mrs. Woodley, Linola Hill, Elouise Blackford,…

Merger Results in New School and Lower Taxes


A Des Moines Sunday Register article, dated January 27, 1946, written by J. L. Smith, highlights the merger of Lower Agency and Pleasant Hill School…